Steve and Tim are two low-level accountants working at Solar Mate's New York office.  Unfortunately for them, they know a dirty little secret - Solar Mate is a fraud.  The company supposedly produces solar panels, with a brand new facility in Pahrump, Nevada - a fact that helped them secure a one-time federal handout to the tune of $600 million.  The problem is that not only has Solar Mate never produced a single solar panel, but its "Nevada facility" doesn't's a blank spot in the middle of the desert that can only be found via GPS.

But they shouldn't know this.  It's above their pay grade. They're expendable.  And seeing as they're expendable, their digging has earned them the opportunity to rectify the spat between the company and Attorney General assassinating Geiger.

A recent award from the US federal government has made it possible for Solar Mate to hire more than 5,000 new workers.  That's a huge boon to both southern Nevada and the US economy.  And that's 5,000 more Americans working toward a future with green energy.

‚Äč*  "Solar Mate" is a fictional company and is in no way related to any company with a similar name.

Logo created by Mary M. Conley.

For the past ten years, Solar Mate has dedicated itself to providing the United States with affordable, renewable energy.  Founded by our CEO, Richard Hill, Solar Mate produces solar panels at our new, state-of-the-art facility in Pahrump, Nevada.

The two accountants perform as is to be expected. They botch the attempt completely.  Not only do they fail to kill Geiger, but now the authorities are on the lookout for them. And they've completely deviated from the escape plan; they've gone straight to the Brooklyn warehouse to hide out instead of eventually arriving there.

Now Steve and Tim are face to face with the people who hired them...and they're not happy.  Whether they get out of this alive now rests entirely on the shoulders of a clandestine entity known only as "The Executive."

$600 million hangs in the balance.  And The Executive isn't the only one who knows it.  Hot on the trail is expert hitman Padraic Mason, a man whose morals and sobriety are always in question. 

The Story