Michelle Allen

Michelle is an Executive Assistant to Richard Hill.  She has been with the company for roughly the same amount of time as Steve and Tim.  She and Steve dated for a very short time, but broke it off when she decided it was interfering with work.

Michelle is played by Jaclene Wilk.  Jacléne Wilk was born and raised in a small town in Michigan, and recently moved to New York City in August 2015. She graduated with a BFA degree in Musical Theatre, but since has been focusing on film. Her latest projects include, starring as Liberty Smith in Liberty's Secret, and Elena in We'll be Home Soon.  http://www.jaclenewilk.com/


Bruce is a bar owner and former CIA Operative.  He retired after realizing he could make more $$ by continuing in the intrigue game on the outside.  His bar is frequented primarily by cops, allowing him to stay in the loop of the goings-on in the New York area.  Bruce is a partner/ adviser to Padraic Mason.

Bruce is played by Charles Balcer.  Charles is an alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and was most recently featured in A Clown in Babylon and Paradise East.  He received praise for his portrayal of Frank Graham in Jeremy Schaaps' Cinderella Man, seen on ESPN.  Charles has appeared in commercials for Optimum, Lipitor, Trident Gum, and MLB Sports.

The Executive

The clandestine figure known only as "The Executive" broke the Bank of England.  He destroyed the Malaysian currency.  He's  wanted in France for insider trading.  It's a well known fact that he pulls the strings of many large companies as well as politicians. He's the unseen hand in global finance.  There's more than a good chance that he ordered the hit on the Attorney General.

The Executive is played by Bruce Barton.  Bruce was featured as The Priest in Nick Taylor's Paradise East, which was the basis for the writing of The Executive.  He has also appeared in Cynthia Granville's In Memoriam, as well as the award-winning web series Jack In the Box.  He has performed on stage for various companies around New York.

Emma Pierce

Emma, like Padraic, is somewhat of an enigma.  Her legal name is unknown, and she seems to have her eye on everything that moves in New York.  But unlike Padraic, her background is completely unknown, and rumors can't seem to decide whether she and Padraic are rivals or in collusion.

Emma is played by Aesha Waks.  Named after Stevie Wonder's song 'Aisha,' she hails from New York City's Rockaway Peninsula.  Aesha has been in the public eye since age 5, when she appeared in WOR-TV's Romper Room, and sang the National Anthem at Shea Stadium age 7. She has starred in film and TV alongside such legends as Sam Rockwell, Stephen Lang, Jon Cryer, and Kiss' Ace Frehley, and most recently appeared in Gotham.  Aesha has won multiple awards for her acting, including Best Actress for Money Shot at the Avignon Film Festival in France, The People's Choice Best Actress for Arresting Gena at the Olympia Film Festival in Brazil, and Arresting Gena generated the Most Buzz at the Sundance Film Festival.  She was also nominated for Best Lead Actress In A Short Film for Night Stream at the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington DC.  She is also a model, host, hip-hop artist, designer, and the author of The Model Body Plan.

aeshaworld.com  @AeshaHashWaks

Tim Barnes

Tim is also a junior accountant for Solar Mate.  His approach to the work is one of compliance, less likely to rock the boat within the company as is Steve.  Tim has been taking care of his mother for quite some time, and his work at Solar Mate is helping her stave off home foreclosure.

Tim is played by Camrus Johnson.  Camrus is a south Georgia-raised actor based in New York City. He has appeared in HBO's Billions, Netflix's Luke Cage and The OA series and the PBS-Affiliate show The Cobblestone Corridor in which he plays Dex Murphy.  itscamrus.com/

Steve Willis

Steve is a junior accountant at Solar Mate's New York City office. He's only been at the office for a few months, making his digging that much more agitating for the senior leadership.  He is a pure numbers guy, and refuses to let go of inconsistencies in his reports. He has a romantic interest in his co-worker, Michelle Allen. 

Steve is played by Seth Baird.  Seth is originally from Idaho and loves to swim in the ocean.  He recently finished filming a 13 episode comedic series called This is Y and can be seen on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in the "Average Americans" sketch.

Padraic Mason

Padraic Mason is, hands down, the best hitman in the tri-state area. Hiring him requires plenty of $$$.  But it also requires plenty of patience, because he may or may not be sober. Formerly a Marine in Counter-Intelligence, Mason has been on the NYPD's radar for quite some time now, due to his enigmatic nature.  His legal name is unknown. 

Padraic Mason is played by Sean Buttimer, who is also the writer/ director.

Detective Rosso

Rosso is a detective with the NYPD, and a shady one at that. He is no stranger to corruption, and the law is no concern of his. Unbeknownst to many, Rosso is a member of a secret society that keeps him comfortable in his position.  But he is also an easy target, so he should be careful...

Rosso is played by Andre Joseph.  The Staten Island native got his start in film at the New York Film Academy's 2001 summer program, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Emerson College in 2006 with a degree in visual and media arts.  His 2013 short Night Stream was nominated for 4 World Music & Independent Film Festival awards, including winner for Best Supporting Actor.  His most recent feature-length films include Dishonorable Vendetta and Vendetta Games.

Richard Hill

The founder and CEO of Solar Mate, Richard was once a green-energy lobbyist.  His disillusion with Washington DC for "lack of desire to make a change in green energy policy" caused him to start Solar Mate with the expressed purpose of making solar panels the obvious choice for the future.

Richard is played by Robert Heath.  Bob has portrayed a wide variety of characters on stage and in film, with credits as Admiral Taft in Political Animals, Master of Ceremonies at the Vic Allen dinner in Veep, and as a Senator in House of Cards.


Frank is a hired gun for The Executive.  He and Jimmy are constantly at odds due to their differing approaches on this and other jobs.  But Frank is the seasoned veteran and in charge, so it's his way.


Jimmy is played by John Borras.  Hailing from The Bronx, John has acted in theatre and film for over 20 years, and directed over 50 plays.  Recent film credits include The Pilgrim, Paradise East, Acceptance, Boys In the Backroom, and Father's Day...for which he was also the writer and producer.

Congressman Wexler

Congressman Wexler (D-CA) is the ranking member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Congressman Wexler is voiced by Beau Allen.  Beau Allen is a multi-faceted performer having begun his stage career on Broadway in Jesus Christ Superstar through playing Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Coming Out of Their Shells Tour.  Being bad on film has been good for Beau as the child molester and murderer Holbrook in Robin Richardson's Ashokan and the tragic Frank Beck, harvester of illegal organs in Cornelius Murphy's The Last Piece.  Look for Beau on the web as Steven Seagal in the first episode of My New Roommate, and as Max Sheppard in Thank God For Jaundice.


Rick is the electronics genius for The Executive.  He monitors all authority chatter and keeps him informed.

Rick is played by Dechen Thurman.  Dechen has been appearing in mainstream films since 1995, starting with Animal Room, starring Matthew Lillard.  Brother of Uma Thurman, Dechen has also appeared in notable films such as The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Hamlet, Zoolander, and Gods and Generals.  He is also a yoga instructor at the Jivamukti Yoga School.


Like Frank, Jimmy is a hired gun working for The Executive.  He stands to make a lot of $$ from the $600 million dollar handout, and feels that he should be the point man on this job, and leads the charge on wanting Steve and Tim killed.

Jimmy is played by Tom DiNardo.  Tom has appeared in WGN America's OutsidersDirty MovieAnother Dirty MovieProfano Nomen and the cult horror film Plasterhead.  He is enrolled at the prestigious Stella Adler Studios.  The band Nerf Herder, who famously recorded the theme for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, released a song about Tom on their 2016 album Rockingham, a salute to his role opposite Krysten Ritter in Marvel Television's Jessica Jones.